MotionGames – 6-in-1 educational games for kids

MotionGames is an application that turns your iPad/iPhone into a arcade. In Motion App you can explore the land of the dinosaurs or try and set a survive in space. The MotionPenKids becomes a joystick you can use to set a nice high score or win prizes. It puts some of your favorite arcade games right into your iPad or iPhone.

Jurassic Travel

You are transformed into a stegosaurs as your explore the Jurassic world discovering other dinosaurs


Test your skills as you try to remove as many blocks as you can. Be careful not to make the tower fall

Claw Crane

Try and grab different prizes with the Claw Game


You become the force of the wind as you try and keep the 6 pinwheels spinning. Try and see how long you can last.

Rocket Riding

Travel through space shooting asteroids and aliens to set a new high score.

Sling Shot

Test your accuracy and see how many balloons you can pop before they fly away.

App Information

MotionPen Kids is the new stylus for kids by Widevantage. It comes with free educational apps to develop children’s creativity and knowledge. It is battery Free and Bluetooth Free. The extremely durable design makes it water-resistant. And our soft rubber tips prevent scratches on your screen.


The kids app MotionCrayon is a very easy-to-use drawing and coloring application that is designed specifically for little kids to develop their creativity on iPhone and iPad. Used with MotionPen Kids it supports various features such as:


With MotionBody, children can learn about the heart and the digestive system with the stomach, the small and large intestines, the liver and the kidneys. The game works with MotionPen Kids, a stylus designed for kids. Learning about the human body finally becomes a game that kids will want to play!


It is important to offer interactive and funny game to children so they can develop their full potential while enjoying themselves. MotionLamp is a free game application to develop kids’ observation skills.


MotionGame contains a collection of 6 mini educational games for kids. Each of the games can be played with your MotionPen Kids or with your fingers.

MotionPen Kids stylus for children

MotionPen Kids is the perfect stylus for kids. It is very resistant thanks to its high-quality aluminium body. The shape of the pen is thick for an easy grip and the tips are made of soft rubber. This way the pen slides easily on the screen without leaving any scratch.

With the MotionPen Andriod/iOS SDK, you can integrate the incredible MotionPen and MotionPen Kids features with a few lines of code and take your app to the next level.

WideVantage is featured in The Next Web! Our CEO,
Jaeyong, caught up with TNW at SXSW in Austin to demo an early build of our upcoming product, MotionPlay.

A child is exploring the human body using our MotionAR stand and smartphone app.

Two friends are drawing a picture together with our MotionPen Kids stylus and MotionCrayon App

A young girl is creating a delicious ice cream snack in our MotionCrayon App with our MotionPen Kids stylus

A young boy is coloring a T-Rex in our MotionCrayon App using our MotionPen Kids stylus

A young student is using our MotionPen Kids stylus as a joystick to shoot aliens in our MotionGames App

A young boy is thinking hard what to draw next in our MotionCrayon App with our MotionPen Kids stylus

A young student is creating an underwater scene in our MotionCrayon App with our MotionPen Kids stylus

Two friends are design a creative picture with our MotionCrayon App and MotionPen Kids stylus

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